Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hello Mother,

First off I need to say, "Tan pinchada". Here in Colombia that means rich. The new car looks really good.

Well, this week there were a couple things that happened that were really cool.

First off, I found Dory and Marlin this week--you know the fish from "Finding Nemo". Dory is really cool.  She is still having troubles with her memory but the good news is that the doctor gave her some medicine to help her. The only problem is that she can’t remember where she put it. hahahahahahahahah

Second, my companion made us dinner one day. It was really simple but really good. He made a tomato sauce with an onion stir fry. Yum! 

Third, the mosquitoes down here in Colombia would put the mosquitoes of Utah to shame. When they bite, it itches like crazy. And sometimes if you are lucky you will get bit by a dirty mosquito. They itch even more and swell up! That happened to me this week. 

Last off, we helped the Branch with a baptism. We passed by a member’s house one day and she said her son wanted to be baptized.  We put everything together to make it happen.

That’s my letter for the week. 

Love you,
Con mucho Amor 
Elder Rucker

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