Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014

Hey Mom, 
Well this week my companion was sent off to Medellin. It was a little sad and really weird. I was without a companion. So for one day I worked with the Branch Mission Leader. He is really cool. His name is Osias.

The day after Elder Villacorta left, my new companion arrived. His name is Elder Galicia and he is from Mexico. He is really funny. He is always really relaxed.  He doesn't laugh a lot but says things that are really funny, so I laugh enough for the both of us.

This week I completed one year in the mission. WOW!!! How time flies. In the morning of the 13th of March, we went to a recent convert’s house.  We ate a little breakfast. Then we had a normal day. When we got home the other Elders of the house attacked me with eggs and with flour. I was a cake ready for the baking. Then I bought Pizza for everyone. 
Today for p-day we had a really cool activity of the Zone. We went to Salento (I have talked a little about it before). Anyway, we climbed up a mountain to a place where there are a lot of different kinds of humming birds. The town of Salento and the sights around the town are well known in Europe, so there are a lot of Europeans visit. Anyway, when we were hiking down the mountain I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of people in English. A couple of them asked why we were in Colombia. BOOM!  Perfect opportunity to share the gospel. It was the first time that I have talked about the Gospel/church in English in over a year. It was really cool, but at the same time really hard. I have forgotten a lot of gospel words in English. It was a really cool experience. 

Have a great week. 
Love,  Elder Rucker

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