Friday, March 7, 2014

February 23, 2014

Hello Mom--
This week was really cool.

Story one. We have an investigator named Yuber. He found us about four weeks ago. He speaks English. At first we thought he only wanted to speak with us to practice his English, but that was not true.  He really wants to learn about the Gospel. And this week we received a call from him. He told us he knows one of the counselors of the mission. Apparently when Yuber was in the military he went through some tough times and the counselor of the mission (President Rodriguez) at the time was one of Yuber’s leaders and helped him a lot. So they have a really good connection.  Anyway, Yuber did not know that he was a member, but this week they were chatting on Facebook and Yuber said that he was meeting with two missionaries from the Mormon Church and that is when President Rodriguez told Yuber that he was a member. Yuber called us immediately to tell us. And the second he hung up, the counselor of the mission called us too. The world is really small.

Story two. We had two baptisms this week: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The baptism we had on Saturday was the son of a member. His name is Mateo (Matthew). He did not get baptized at age 8, but when he turned 9 he decided he wanted to be baptized so we were the ones that had to work with him. The baptism we had on Sunday was a young woman. We baptized her mom about a month ago and after the baptism of her mom she said that she wanted to be baptized. Her baptism was at 7 in the morning on Sunday. Both of the baptisms were really cool. 

Last story for the week. On Sunday we went to a member’s house so he could partake of the sacrament. I said the blessing for the water. It was the first time since I left on my mission that I helped with the sacrament. It made me think of my days in the Priests Quorum. It was a really neat experience.

That’s all from this week. 

Love, Elder Rucker    

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  1. Keep up the good work! What an amazing opportunity