Friday, March 28, 2014

March 25, 2014

Hi Mom,
My new companion has been in the mission for 15 months.
This week passed by really fast. 

On Friday President Pitarch came down to Armenia for a priesthood conference. He took advantage of this and we had interviews with him and Hermana Pitarch. They are good and they both say hello. Also President Pitarch said that there is another missionary from Spanish Fork in the Mission. He said his name is Elder Aust. The name does not ring a bell but maybe you know him.

I found and bought some American cereal. I finished the box of OH'S in two days, they were really good! I also cooked a little bit. What you see is tomato, butter and salt. It is really good to eat with bread. 

Elder Nobre had a birthday so we had a little celebration for him. Also, Elder Coc broke a bone in his hand. Don't ask me how because I couldn't tell you.

We have transfers this week.  I most likely will be leaving. I have been here in Armenia for six months. Whatever happens I will let you know. 

With lots of love, Elder Rucker

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