Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week was really good. Last P-day we went to Parque Explora (Explorer Park). It is a park of science. There were a lot of  cool things inside and experiments. For example, I drove around in the human brain, put my body in one of the hand wire things, yeah cool things like that. You will see in the pictures.

In our area there is a big water tank and at night there are really cool lights on it that change colors. When I took the photo it was red, but it also can be green, blue, etc.

The Zone had a birthday party for all the people who had a birthday in April, May and June. So it was really cool.

This week it rained a lot. I know in the picture it does not look like a lot of water, but know that that hill is very steep and there is about 1 inch of water covering the whole street. There was so much water and the hill so steep that taxis could not go up the hill.

In past letters you asked about drug deals. Well, to see a drug deal here is pretty common, but this week something out of the ordinary happened. My companion and I were walking and saw two guys in the street. They were standing right in the middle of the walkway so we had to pass in the middle of the two. Turns out that we walked right through the drug deal. Pretty cool right???

The next story is pretty funny but kind of gross. One of our investigators has a bunny and it acts like a dog. It has to check up on us every little while to make sure we are still where we have to be. Well, during the lesson this week I had to take a call so I got up and walked to the edge of the garden. So naturally the bunny came over to see what I was doing. Then for some reason he went all crazy and started running all around my feet. Then when I looked down I realized.....he had peed all over my shoes. Good thing they are waterproof.  Am I right?

Well, that's my week, enjoy!
Love you, Elder Rucker

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