Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hi Mom,
This week was a good week. At the first of the week we worked with the Assistance to the President. I worked with Elder Diaz. 

I also got my birthday package this week. YEAH! (We sent it in March!!!) Although I am sad to say that it is basically gone. I live in a house with four Elders so I split the package into fourths so everyone could eat. I really liked the surprise inside the Pop Tart box. (Beef Jerky. Customs didn't like it last time we sent it!)

This week was a cooking week. My companion and I cooked for a few members and investigators. I cooked the first time and the second time my companion cooked.  I made breakfast for dinner. It was a real shock to the members because I told them I was going to make a breakfast meal for dinner. They had never thought of eating food out of order. I made French toast and bacon with brown sugar. The second cooking activity my companion made. He cooked pork with potatoes and rice. It is called Lomo Saltado in Peru. It was really good.

The Colombians are going crazy down here because the Colombian soccer team is doing really well in the World Cup. We can’t be outside when they play because no one receives us. The Colombians are super fans.

That is all for this week.
Love, Elder Rucker

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