Friday, June 27, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hello Mom,

This was a sad week. It was time for transfers and I got moved. I was only in Villa Hermosa for two transfers but was hoping I would to there for four. It was a great area and the members were awesome. My new area is Buenos Aires. It is in another part of Medellin. The cool thing is that it is right next to my old area. And there is a  neighborhood called Pablo Escobar. Cool right?  In the transfers, I was called as a Zone Leader. My new companion is a Peruvian. His name is Elder Ramos.  

My last day in my old area Elder Roa and I hiked up to one of the high points of our area, which means the TOP of the mountain. So while we were there, we preached to the people of Medellin. We were really high up.

On Sunday I got to know the new ward. It is really cool. I am going to like it here. During sacrament meeting the first two talks did not last very long. So when we started to sing the intermediate hymn the secretary of the ward came and asked me to speak. I have had to prepare a talk in 20 minutes in the past, but never have I had to prepare a talk in 2 minutes! So I am think that by the end of my mission when I get called to speak I will get seconds to prepare. I will tell you though, that I like speak with less time to prepare. Why??? Because you have no time to talk yourself down or doubt yourself. You only have time to gather a few words then rely entirely on the Spirit. I like it better.

Well, this week was an adventure. 
Love you,  Elder Rucker
FYI Greg finishes his mission this week.

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