Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Hey Mom-

Greg will be getting home on the 27 or 28 of June. Danny, David’s little brother, just got his mission call. He will be going to the Peru Lima South mission. He will go the Mexico MTC. He enters the 16 of July.
Yeah… my hair has gotten really long. I will cut it today.

This week we had transfers. My new companion is Elder Roa. He is from Paraguay. He has been in the mission for 20 months now. It is most likely but not a guarantee that I will be his last companion.

Today we used a little bit of our preparation day to help three families start the process of getting married. So next week they will get married and.....Baptized. The three families are really cool and can hardly wait for next week.

This week Elder Uceda will be coming to visit the mission. He is the President of this area. We will see how it goes and next week I will write all about it.

That is all for this week. 
Best week yet.

Elder Rucker

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