Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey Mom

I know that the Lord is blessing our family, more than I can imagine, with me and Mitchell out serving.

It is good to exercise! For a little while I was not doing any exercise because I was lazy. Then Hermano Rendon gave a lesson about exercising. He asked us, "Elders do you exercise every morning?" We said "No". Then he said something that impacted me a lot. He said "Elders we need to exercise, it is our duty to exercise, Will you do it?" I have not missed exercising one day after that!

I will get my package here in about two or three weeks. We get a notification when the office receives our package but then we have to wait for our zone leaders to go get it and they only go once a month. But we have transfers here in two or three week and I will get it then.

In Colombia if you want something to be street legal all it needs is a motor and wheels. But if you want to drive a four wheeler or a motorcycle you have to wear a helmet. And no one drives those things without helmets. I think it is cool that of all the laws they break--they choose to keep the helmet law.

Little story time.

Today we decided to have a multi Zone activity in Pereira. A city about 90 minutes from Manizales. In the rush to prepare to leave I forgot to write in my agenda what I wanted to tell you. So I don't really remembered what happened this week, but I remember one thing.

We had a lesson with the Avila Family. They are a family of investigators. We have been teaching them for about 7 weeks. They like the church a lot. In a lesson we had this week they said that they knew the church was true. However they don't want to get baptized yet because they have a fear of commitment. During the lesson I was feeling the spirit to share what I was thinking. However, my companion and the dad were talking back and forth and I didn't want to interrupt. But the Spirit kept pressing me to speak until I could not resist any longer. I interrupted. They all went quiet......... Because they like they way I speak. Anyway, as I started to speak the spirit filled the room. I did not know what I was going to say I just started to speak. I know the spirit was helping me find the words to teach to the needs of the Avila Family. I felt the Spirit and I know they did too. The mom started to tear up and then I choked up a little too. Maybe we were the only two feeling it, but none the less, the spirit was there. I am so grateful that I acted on the impression of the Spirit. I know that both I and Diana (the mom of the family) were edified by the experience.  We will keep working with the Avila family. And I will keep you up to date.
That is all for now.
Love Elder Rucker
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