Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 15, 2013

Sorry it didn't work out for me to email on Monday. Usually I like to write for 2 hours but since it is Tuesday we only get one hour. Oh well, you have to deal with what you get!
Sure wish I could of been with you guys on your cruise. However, I did some traveling as well. So as I told you last week, I got my first transfer.  First, I had to travel North to Medellin (5 hour bus ride) to receive training on how to train. I was in Medellin for one night. On Wednesday we traveled back south to my new area in Armenia (7 hour bus ride).  When you get on the bus they hand out little bags.  They are for if you need to throw up, because the bus ride was really turny. So if you thought you needed one you could just take one. However, one Elder declined to take a bag. Then at about two hours in guessed it, he blew chunks!!!  He tried to make it to the bathroom and did. The only problem was that he could not get the door open. So the bus driver stopped, as soon as he could, and cleaned it up.  Then we were back on our way. Note: The busses were really nice. I had tons of leg room and the seats reclined a good amount.
When we finally got to Armenia I received my new companion. I am going to finish his training. Training is 12 weeks. He had one companion before me for 6 weeks and I am going to finish his last 6 weeks. His name is Elder Azañon. He is 18 years old. He is from..... Guatemala. So of course I told him all about Mitchell. He is my first Latino Companion. I am really excited to work with him.
Yesterday we had a poorly planned Zone Activity. And when I wrote you yesterday I was mad that I had no time to write. But now I look back and see that it was no big deal. I will tell you what we did. So we were told that we needed to gather together at 10 in the morning to start the activity---we started at 11:30. The activity was to walk to a waterfall and eat lunch. The waterfall was supposed to only be a 30 to 45 minute walk. So we started to walk. And right as we started to walk it started to sprinkle rain on us. Then after 30 seconds it started to pour rain on us. However, we all thought, "This is Colombian rain--it will stop in 15 minutes". Three hours later it was still pouring! And we had been walking in the rain the whole time. Anyway we got to the river soaking wet and then our guide said that from the point we still had thirty minutes to walk. So we ate lunch and called it quits and walked back into the city.  Then we got a cab to our house, cleaned ourselves up, wrote our families and President Pitarch for 15 minutes then headed to the district meeting and then called it a day. Every missionary wants mission stories and now I have one more to put on the list!
Thanks for the package! I got it and it was great!!! I finished the Skittles yesterday and now I am starting on the peanut butter. The good thing is that my companion does not like peanut butter, so more for me! I will write thank you notes to everyone next week when I have more time. The notes meant a lot to me.

That's all for this week and until next week,
Elder Rucker
My old zone in Manizales and my new zone in Armenia.


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