Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey Mom,
My companion and I are doing good. The language is coming good. With my first two companions we spoke in English most of the time. And the first couple days speaking all Spanish was a little hard. But now I am doing alright, I am using Spanish that I did not know that I had. We communicate really well. 
The weather here in Armenia is hot and humid. There are three different temperatures areas in my mission: Manizales 55-75 degrees, eje Cafetero (were I am at right now) 75-95 degrees, and the coast 85-110 degrees. So right now it is hot but not as hot as it could be.
Story time.
Well...there is a member named Jairo. He is really cool. His family started to receive the missionaries 30 years ago and accepted the gospel. He did not. Last month he was baptized by my companion and his companion at the time. It needs to be the right time for someone to accept the gospel. Sometimes they can accept it right away or thirty years later. Any way we do service in his house every Tuesday. Right now we are painting his house.
Well I am happy to say that I had my first PB&J sandwich this week. The first on in about 8 months. And it was delicious. I also bought a Snickers bar to eat with it because I found a place that sells them for cheap, cheap, cheap.

The missionary that left this area left it in good shape. He and his companion (who is now my companion) had programmed many people to be baptized. And this Saturday 2 of the people with a baptism date where baptized. So, on Saturday my companion baptized them, then on Sunday I confirmed them as members. They are two young men. Both of them are 13 years old. They are best friends. The parents and brother of one of the boys have a baptismal date for the 9 of November and are really excited for it.
This Sunday was great. One reason is that I had the opportunity to confirm the two boys members of the church. And on top of that it was the sacrament of the primary. It was amazing. I don't think that it is a primary program without one of the kids screaming into the mic.
Last story: I got on the computer and started to write this letter. Then I thought to myself, "I want to look at Mitchells blog". So I did. I read a couple things and then saw the town that he is in is Solola. I thought, "My companion is from Guatemala I wonder if he knows Solola". So I asked him. Turns out he not only knows the town, he is from the town. So I will be telling Mitchell about this. It's a small world after all.
That is all for now! 
Until next week 
Love Elder Rucker

P.S. The steps for a PB&J

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