Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Well this week was an adventure, not really but it was a good week. 

Last Monday I took my companion out for pizza for Christmas. We ate at a place called Jenos. It was pretty good but nothing like American pizza.

Tuesday was the highlight of the week because I called my family. =) I was so excited to talk to you guys. I was so happy to see each and every one of you. Now it is only a little while more before we will be able to talk again. 

On Christmas day we had a zone activity. All the missionaries in Armenia got together to play soccer, have a BBQ, and to do a gift exchange.  It was super fun and the food was good. For the gift exchange I gave a really cool wallet and a cheapo hat. I guess it was what you could call a gag gift and the wallet was the actual gift. I got a pencil holder that has Colombian style. At first I thought it was stupid. But once I got home and put my colored pencils in it I could not stop staring at it. It has real coffee beans on it.  Unfortunately the zone activity was outside and I was wearing shorts. It was the first time in nine months that my legs had seen real sun, so they got burned. My face also got a little burned but not too bad.

Then after the 25th it was back to work as normal. Working hard and helping the people of Armenia.

Today we have transfers, so next week I will let you know what happens.

Love, Elder Rucker 

Authentic Guatemalan tie from Elder Azañon's family.

Silly Jade!

We are making Natilla for a branch activity. It is kind of like pudding but denser. We made it at a member’s house. At first it is easy to stir then it hits a point and becomes really hard to stir.

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