Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hey Mom,
This week we traveled a lot. We had a zone leader conference in Medellin on Wednesday. So on Tuesday we were traveling and then on Wednesday we had the conference and then on Thursday, once again, we were traveling all day. We traveled by bus.

My companion is super great. His name is Elder Collins. He is from Washington. He is Awesome. Sadly, he will be finishing his mission at the end of this transfer. And more news: we work in a trio. We are companions with Elder Gonzalez. He is a new missionary and Elder Collins and I are his trainers. He is from Colombia. So yeah, we are doing good and enjoying things here in Monteria.

This week I had a very, very amazing experience.  My whole mission I have been in the city, and I still am, but my area is on the outskirts of town. Part of my area is still under development so there are lots of empty lots and fields. That means there is not a lot of light. In every other area there has been so much light that I could hardly see the stars. This week I saw the stars bright and clear for the first time in my whole mission. When I noticed the stars and that I could actually see them I told my companions to wait. When they looked back and saw I was looking up, they also looked up. Elder Collins immediately knew what I was looking at. We just stood there in the middle of basically a field for five minutes looking at the stars. What a testimony not only of the great power of God but of his tender mercies as well. Sometimes you just have to take a break look up and soak it all in. 

Thank you for the recipes. 
I love you and we will see you next week.
Love,   Elder Rucker

p.s. My return date is a secret muahahahahahahahahahahahahh. 

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