Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hi Mom
This week was a good one!  On Tuesday we had to go to the emergency room.......Don't worry....not for anything life endangering. For the last long time my companion has had an ingrown toenail. So on Tuesday we went to the emergency room so that the doctor could take it out. It is kind of funny because he can't wear shoes for a while. A lot of people have asked him why he always wears sandals. For a day and a half we couldn't work because he was told that he could only walk around in the house.

So in my house there are four missionaries: my companion, me, and two others. The other two Elders are really cool. One is Elder Coc, he is the Elder Mitchell knows from Guatemala. And the other Elder is Elder Nobre, he is from Brazil. Anyway, the other day Elder Nobre made really good chocolate fudge stuff. He put sweetened condensed milk in a pot and heated it up and then added powdered chocolate. He then stirred it for a good while until it started to get hard to turn, then he put a little butter in it and then it was done. It was really good.

This Saturday we had a baptism. Her name is Janeth. Her baptism was a really neat experience. Ever since the day that we set the date for her baptism she has been really scared. She doesn't like to put her head under the water because she has a fear of having water cover her hair. So when we entered the baptismal font she was really nervous. I gave her a couple of words of encouragement and then I baptized her. when she came out of the water the first thing she said was, "When are you going to put me under the water?" I said,"Yeah, it's all done." She did not even notice that she had been under the water. Then she said, "Well that was not so bad." It was a really neat experience.

That is all for this week.
Love Elder Rucker

p.s. This is a video that we watched during the Christmas conference. It talks a lot about missionary work, but think about how it applies to you in your own life and in your callings. I really like this video and hope that you like it too.

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