Friday, November 29, 2013

November 25, 2013

Hey Mom,

Well, this week was a good week. 

First off, I am sorry to say I don't think I will be able to return to American avocados after being here. Colombian avocados are really good. I like to eat them with a little salt. And the avocados here are a lot bigger.  The pit of an avocado is as big as a regular avocado in the USA. In the picture you can see how big it is.

Second off, this week we had transfers and the changes in the zone were small, but in our house they were big. We used to have the Zone Leaders living with us. One of them completed his mission and the other one left to finish his mission in another area. So we got two new Elders in the house. And now it is our district leader in the house with us and the zone leaders are in another area.  We knew the new district leader was also going to be a trainer. So there is a newbie in our house. And when they got here the world got smaller. We started to talk and the newbie is from Guatemala. And would you believe that he knows Mitchell!!! Mitchell passed through his home town for a bit, and while Mitchell was there he worked with this Elder (Elder Coc). Well… yeah small world. 

Third off, after lunch one day we helped a family move. And for everything that they wanted to move they said "We are going to need two people on this" and it was just a regular thing. So for these things I just picked them up and started walking. Things that take two regular Colombians to do—I can do alone. Granted in the words of Dad, “I am a ‘Man Child’.”  

Fourth off, I drew a picture to commemorate Thanksgiving. And in all honesty I thought it was on the 23rd so I bought a little something special. But today I learned that it is on the 28th. So now I have an excuse to buy something special on the 28h, YEAH!

Well that's all for this week.

Elder Rucker

p.s. I will send more pictures. 
And no news on my package yet.

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