Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 9, 2013

So this week was really slow until Saturday, then things started to pick up.  

We started off the day with an activity with the young men and women. We played basketball and soccer and also had a water balloon toss. It was really fun. But I did not take any sunscreen because when we left the house there was not a single spot in the sky where the sun could peak through. But then after two hours it cleared up and I was outside for the next hour. And because we are at a higher altitude it is easier to get sunburned. So now I have Neapolitan ice cream arms.

Then later on Saturday after lunch we started to have great lessons. The first was with a man named Cesar. We found him one day when we were out walking. At first he waved at us and we waved back--but thought nothing of it.    Then when we passed by the same point after 10 minutes he was still there and waved us over. We found out he had been an investigator about 5 years ago. And that through the visits with the missionaries he stopped drinking. But then something happened and the missionaries lost contact with him.  During the lesson he started to make phone calls. And at first I thought that he was being rude. But then after hearing him speak a little with the person on the phone I figured out that he was talking with one of the missionaries who taught him 5 years ago. He passed me the phone and I talked with the missionary. The lesson went really well and I am really excited to continue teaching him.

We then went to visit the Martinez family. We had a great lesson. And their dog Lucas is now more playful and he started to play with my hand after the lesson.

On Sunday, we had a Branch Council. It was really good.  The first two hours my companion and I were outside the gate of the church standing in the pouring rain waiting for members and investigators who were showing up late. We had a great attendance of 150 people to sacrament meeting.

That night we had scheduled two lesson at the same time so we went on splits. I went with the YM President. His name is Julian Peña. He is younger than 26 and he is the President of the Young men, that is crazy. Our lesson went great. But my companion had a really really good lesson. He worked with a priest named Ramon Felipe. They went to a FHE with Luz. She has only been a member for a couple weeks and she has already given us 2 references: her niece and her husband. Anyway, during the lesson my companion said that Luz bore her testimony. And she said something to this affect:
      "When I was investigating the church I was trying really hard to find out if it was true. I     was doing everything that the Elders told me to. I was reading the Book of Mormon and I was praying every night. And I felt good, but did not feel like I had received an answer. Then one night I had a dream. And during this dream I was on a long and narrow path and the Elders were guiding me, they were showing me they way. In the morning when I awoke I went straight to my Sisters house (her Sister's name is Gloria Matilde, she is the President of the Relief Society). And I recounted the dream to her. And she helped me understand that that was my answer."
We started to teach Luz and 18 days later she was baptized. I know that when we do our part to get an answer from our Heavenly Father, He will without fail do His part to answer our questions.
I know I was not at the FHE where she shared this testimony, but when my companion recounted what she said, I felt My testimony grow. 

To finish off, Sunday night we ate dinner with the Velasquez family and the Avila family. The Velasquez family is a family that Elder Sorensen and I helped get active again. The Avila family are the neighbors of the Velasquez Family and they are investigators.

Oh, also I think on about Tuesday we had a lot of cloud cover the whole day. The clouds were really thick. 

I love you a lot and hope you have an excellent week. 

Elder Rucker

p.s. here are some cool videos that I like, I hope you like them as well.  

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