Monday, September 2, 2013

Elder Jayden Rucker's 1st Post

August 27, 2013
We had a good District activity last week and a good one this week. Last week we went to a pool hall and played pool. This week we played soccer. They were both fun activities. I like them both but I need to work on my soccer skills more!
We named our District the Avengers. And got some cool shirts made.
 On the back we are all different Avengers. I am Captain America. And after playing pool last week I went and found my costume in a store. It is really cool, but don't worry I didn't buy it. I wanted to--but knew that I didn't need it.
I also got my hair cut this past week.   I learned to make some Colombian food as well. Well, at least I helped make the patties. I did not learn the recipe. 

We had some things happen this week that were very special. We helped two people enter into the waters of baptism. One had been an investigator for about one year, her name is Yerica (Jerika). She is 16. And the other was an investigator of gold, her name is Luz Edilia. She is 44. We had such a great baptismal service. We called it a Noche Blanca (White Night). We called it that because five people entered into that waters of Baptism. Then after the Baptisms the people who were baptized could share their testimony. Luz Edilia got up and shared her testimony. It was so powerful. Her sister is the President of the Relief Society and Luz Edilia said she helped a lot. Then she said something that I had heard about missionaries but had never had it applied to me. She called us "My Angels". In that moment the spirit was so strong and my testimony of missionary work was rejuvenated. The message we share changes peoples lives, and not just for the better but for the best.
I am so grateful for missionary work.    
Another member on the branch got their Mission call this week. Her name is Leidy Ramos. She has been called to the Santa Maria, Brazil Mission. She leaves the 11 of December, one week after her best friend.
We got transfers today and I found out that I will be here in Manizales for at least one more transfer.
I can't tell you enough of how great of a week we had. I felt the Spirit so much this week. I am so happy that I will stay at least one more transfer here in Manizales. My companion is great and I know that we are going to have lots of success this transfer.
I love you so much.
Elder Rucker

 September 2, 2013
Story time:
Story number one. We went to visit Luz Edilia (our Baptism of last week) and she called us her "Elderes preferidos" or her Preferred Elders. It was really cool. I didn't really understand how important missionaries were to individuals until she said that.  I have heard converts refer to the Elders who taught and baptized them as 'Angels'. And I never understood that until now. From the time we started to teach her to this point, I have seen a change in her life. Not because of what we did for her, but what the Gospel of Jesus Christ did for her.
Story two. We have been visiting the Martinez family a lot to see what we can do to get them to reactivate. They are a great family and we love to go visit them. One because, even though they are inactive they still have an excellent spirit in their family and home that we love to feel. And two, because they have a puppy named Lucas. He is fun to play with and always likes to cuddle into armpits just like Belle. 
Story Three. I made a scripture case for my hard cover Book of Mormon and it is pretty cool. It just has to last me until I find a place to get some good scripture cases made. 
Last story, Hermano Rendon pulled his testimony train trick on me again. I was going to share my testimony anyway but the train gave me more motivation. We had a really good fast and testimony meeting.  We went over in time because when we had 15 minutes left around 8 people went up to share their testimonies. But the meeting was filled with the spirit.
That is all for this week. Hope you have a great week.
Let me know if there is anything that I can do about anything.
Elder Rucker


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