Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hi Mom,
Really quick review of last week: One, we went to a big rock called the "Piedra de Peñon".  We went with basically all the missionaries who are working in Medellin.  There were about 60 of us, I think. Not all are in the picture. While heading to the rock we stopped at a petting zoo. It was cool. 
Two, we got invited to a bible class. It is basically a meeting with a bunch of religions. We discuss the bible. We share doctrine. The guy who invited us is the host. He always says when we start that we do not dispute or fight, we just share and learn together. 

This week: Once again we went to the bible class. And this time the host asked us to talk about where we go when we die. So the first thing we did when we started our discourse was pull out the Book of Mormon. We talked about the spirit world and then the three kingdoms of glory. After we spoke a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church spoke about their belief of life after death. It was really cool. Maybe we don´t share all doctrine or points of view but we all still felt the spirit and learned together from the scriptures.

Today, Monday, we went to "Parque Explora" a park to explore science.  It was really cool and we did a lot of cool things. We went with a family from our ward. 
And another thing we did in the middle of the week was MOVE. We finally found a house in a nicer part of Medellin. The house we had was good and safe, but it was next to a busy road. So we found a nice new house in a nice quite neighborhood.

Love you, Elder Rucker

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