Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hi Mom,
This week was full of what Nephi calls "tender mercies" (1 Nephi 1:20)

1) One day we were walking and a group of youth called us. Usually we don't stop to talk to them because they just end up saying bad things. However, when they called us we stopped. We didn't know why but we did. And sure enough, they just ended up saying bad things. So my companion and I said good-bye and started walking. Not 30 seconds later a lady called us over. She said, "I saw you guys talking with that group of youth and knew you were the missionaries. I am a member but I have been inactive for a long time. I want to return to the church." In that moment we knew we were supposed to talk to the youth, not for them but for the sister who saw us. If we had chosen to keep walking and not talk to the youth, she would have never seen us. God works in mysterious ways.

2) You might remember a couple letters ago I talked about an inactive member named John and how he contacted us and how he went to church for his first time in a long time the Sunday after our first visit. Do you remember him? Sadly, he attended on Sunday and then the very next day, on Monday, he passed away. My companion and I were very shocked when we heard the news. We had to sit ourselves down a long while to process everything. Another thing that was sad was that he was the only member in his family. We were going to teach his family. But we didn't get to know them before he died. Then when he passed away we wanted to talk with them and help them through the passing of John, but we had no way of contacting them. This week, my companion and I felt we should do a surprise visit with an investigator. As we were walking a young man walked up to us and said, "I am the son of John, I want to know more about my Fathers religion". In that moment, the rest of John’s family came up to us and started talking to us. Now we are going to start teaching them!!! The Lord inspired us to visit an investigator so we could find John’s family. Another "tender mercy"!
This week was grand!!!
Love, Elder Rucker

Batman is not part of the Avengers, but I am in Colombia and nobody cares!

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