Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hi Mom,
To start off, the video of the 80th birthday of Grandma almost made me cry. The only thing that kept back tears was the fact that I was in a public Internet full of people. The video was Awesome.

Well I don't have too much to say for this week. But...
A couple of things that happened in the family of David. 1) Danny, his brother, left on his mission. 2) Sarah, his sister, got married. That is what happened in the family of David.
This week I want to share an experience. We are teaching the Hernandez family. A family of three: Mom, daughter and son. They really like the church and are progressing to reach their baptismal date. The experience that I am going to share has to do with the son. His name is Samuel. He is three years old. When he was born the doctors said that he would never walk, but he walks. They said that he would never speak, he can speak, but only a few words. The words he knows are Mom, Dad, Valentine (his sister), bathroom, GOAL, and motorcycle. And in the few short weeks we have been teaching them he has learned our names. I am Uke and my companion is Mos!!!
At the end of the last primary activity a little girl gave the closing prayer. When Samuel saw that she was giving the prayer he too wanted to say a prayer. With the few words that he knew gave a wonderful prayer. 

Have a great week.
Love, Elder Rucker

Here are a couple of great video clips about children

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