Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Well Mom, 
It is true—I was sick. The dreaded Chincunguna finally got me. Everyone who has got it stayed sick for an average of one week. I was sick with Chincunguna for 24 hours and I beat it!!! I am 100% positive it was by the power of my Heavenly Father that cured me so quickly. You don't have to worry; I am running at 100%. 

Today we had transfers. I will be serving here in Monteria until the end of my mission and I will be staying with Elder Rojas. I am really happy. I will also be here with a couple of Elders from my group.

This morning we went and fed the monkeys. It was really cool. Well, this week was just a regular week. I am here putting along at full speed and we have lots of errands to run!

Love, Elder Rucker


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