Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Well Mom,
Not too much to say today since we talked on Christmas Day. 
Well----I guess there is one thing. On Saturday the sisters had a couple of baptisms. One of their baptisms asked me to baptize him, so very happily I did. Also, his daughter was baptized. Then later on in the day they had another baptism. His name is Luis. My companion had to help baptize him because he can’t walk. It was a very spiritual baptism.

Also, my last companion, Elder Collins, now Dayde Collins, has finished his mission. He is studying at BYU. He told me he got there recently. He wants to get to know the family. So I gave him your number and dad’s number. Expect a call from him. And if you would like you can invite him to eat. He would love it. He is a really good runner. Like REALLY good. He will probably run for the BYU cross country team. I am sure you will get along just great. Also, he eats a lot, and when I say a lot-- I mean a lot! His stomach is a black hole. He is one of the 7 wonders of the world he eats so much. But yeah, invite him over, chat a little bit, eat a good dinner, and you can even have him play the piano.  He is a professional piano player as well.

Love, Elder Rucker
The gift I got in the mission gift exchange. Pretty small, right?

 Our Zone with the Christmas gift from President. It is a journal with our name and the symbol of the mission.

Love Elder Rucker


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